Where there is disco, may we bring harmony!

Hello dears,

Yes, it’s true. I’m coming back! After a wildly successful run at London’s Theatre503 in December my show is gearing up for some more exciting performances. ‘But where?’ I hear you ask. Well, that is going to have to be my little secret for a little longer, but do keep an eye out for more news on this: my new blog!

In the meantime, why not take a look at my previous reviews, which heap praise upon the artistic brains behind my show, my talented co-stars, and most importantly… ME!

Thank you my darlings, and I’ll see you again soon!

Mags XOX

‘As the lady herself, Tedford is sensational; sparky, subtle and utterly overblown, all at the same time.’
★★★★★ – Whats On Stage

‘A genuinely hysterical show with a beating heart at its centre, it deserves the plaudits it had better go on to earn.’
★★★★★ – Public Reviews

‘A rather brilliant piece of political make-believe’
★★★★★ – Exeunt Magazine

‘A riotous hour filled with non stop laughter and total originality.’
★★★★★ – So So Gay

‘Wildly fun, innovative and intelligently funny – an absolutely outrageous idea gone right’
★★★★★ – Everything Theatre

‘Matt Tedford has the sparkling eyes of someone destined to be on stage… Anyone who mourns that this died with the 1980s probably hasn’t seen this show. I await the West End transfer’
The Stage


‘Provocative? Just a bit. But it works… Where else can you see the Iron Lady played by a cross-dresser?’
Total Politics

‘Dame Edna has an unlikely rival in Matt Tedford’s Margaret Thatcher… Hilarious… a higher strike rate than Arthur Scargill’